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Self love or die tryin’


It’s a crime that we are taught to build and nurture relationships with other people, but aren’t taught to do the same with the most important person in our lives – ourselves.

The path to self love is often paved by failed relationships, pain, heartache and general suffering that needn’t be experienced. Life is a very fickle thing that deserves to be lived in its entirety every single day. I realised I had spent a large majority of my life wrestling with accepting myself until it dawned of me that I would be incredibly unhappy if I were told that I only had a few days left to live.

Society has convinced us that self love is something that can only be earned: until we lose the weight, get the job, the degree or the relationship, we aren’t deserving of love. We don’t realise that doing things from a place of love yields more fruitful results: for example, deciding that you love yourself enough to lose the weight or earn the degree.

The truth is, we are happening now, and this is the best time to love on ourselves. We are enough in this very moment to receive the love that we so freely give to others. There is no person or life event that could ever warrant the love that only WE can give ourselves. It is a revolutionary act that must be done in order to experience the fullness of life.
Know that you are your greatest asset and stop at NOTHING to ensure that you are always, all the time, immersed in self love.