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Hadithi Yangu Ep.3 | Beatrice Maina speaks on her journey in...

Hadithi Yangu, Ep.3. Beatrice Maina shares more about her journey in the fashion industry, her feature on Vogue magazine and plans for the future.

Deadline for mandatory solar water heating systems lapses in two days

A five-year notice that requires developers to install solar water heating systems for houses with a capacity exceeding one hundred liters per day,...

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Get Out

Comfort zones... ...Where absolutely nothing happens. Comfort zones are areas in our life in which whatever reason, be it a factor of time or familiarity, we...

The Sunken Place

A Swahili Proverb

Do We Have Free Will ?


Two Killed in Protests as Supreme Court Upholds Election Result

Kenya's Supreme Court on Monday validated the election victory of President Uhuru Kenyatta, sparking opposition protests that left two dead, according to police. While the...

Supreme Court upholds Oct 26 re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta

The Supreme Court has in a unanimous decision, dismissed the petitions challenging the validity of the October 26 presidential election. The bench in a oneness...



On The Continent

Rwanda offers refuge to 30,000 enslaved Libya migrants

Rwanda has offered to give refuge to around 30,000 African migrants stuck in Libya often in enslaved conditions. It comes in the wake of a...



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