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Govt to merge six financial agencies to form mega development bank

The Government has started a process to set up one strong financial institution that will merge functions of several organisations that currently run parallel...

Governors on the spot for spending billions on airstrips

Governors are busy people who juggle both politics and technical steps of managing their counties that they want to lead “while others follow”. But sometimes...

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Get Out

Comfort zones... ...Where absolutely nothing happens. Comfort zones are areas in our life in which whatever reason, be it a factor of time or familiarity, we...

The Sunken Place

A Swahili Proverb

Do We Have Free Will ?


Aircraft imports surge in poll year

Kenya aircraft imports rebounded 57 per cent in nine months to last September, aided by a tax waiver in an election year that saw...

Uhuru considers Kidero for cabinet

Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale are among Opposition stalwarts who are being considered for inclusion in the Cabinet. They...



On The Continent

Nigeria releases Boko Haram suspects after rehabilitation

Nigeria's military says it has released 244 "repentant" Boko Haram suspects who have undergone rehabilitation. The authorities say they have been de-radicalised and can re-enter...



Every loss is really just a lesson in disguise, learn to view every situation from another stand point.


Accept people, situations, and events as they occur. Take responsibility for your situation and for all events seen as problems.